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Video games made with a variety of tools and programming languages.


android | java (android)

Blemish icon

Puzzle game containing 27 different puzzles of increasing difficulty. includes a random mode for extra fun. The game is designed to make the user explore it to understand how it works.

2015.11.08 - Sun 14:00


android | java (android)

Dargite icon

2D pong clone. Select from 12 characters with different abilities. supports game controllers and multiplayer on the same device.

Google Play Store

2014.10.08 - Wed 14:00


android | java (android)

Ritle icon

Infinite runner. jump at the right time in order to avoid obstacles, and collect the right items for the best score.

Google Play Store

2014.09.15 - Mon 14:00

Town wars

android | java (android)

Town Wars icon

Keep attacking the enemy's field until you destroy all their structures. Each character has different structure formation, which you can use as clues of where to attack next. Play against a friend on the same device is available.

Google Play Store

2014.05.29 - Thu 14:00

Yarn chase

android | java (android)

Yarn Chase icon

Launcher-type game. Throw the yarn and let the cat chase it. Earn money and buy upgrades to launch further next time.

Google Play Store

2014.05.06 - Tue 14:00

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