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Video games made with a variety of tools and programming languages.


Linux, Windows, Android, Quest 2, made with avdl

Rue icon

A card game about decisions, love and regret.

The aim of this game is for each player to try to read the opponent's moves and grab the wandering rose for themselves. | GameJolt | Play Store

2021.07.21 - Wed 14:42

The king is gone

Linux, Windows, Android, Quest 2 made by avdl

The king is gone icon

A puzzle game about running, not because one has somewhere to be, but because one has somewhere they don't want to be.

In this game, you have to run away. Different doors are blocking the way, that need to be unlocked to proceed as fast as possible. Each door will give a different benefit, and a combination of them is the key to succeed .. or fail.

Steam | | GameJolt | Play Store

2020.08.03 - Mon 14:00

Shuffled Nightmares

linux, windows, android | keyboard, mouse | avdl

Shuffled Nightmares icon

The aim of this game is to rotate pieces of a shuffled puzzle, to reveal a Nightmare. Each level is more challenging than the previous one, with more parts of the puzzle shuffled, and introducing new behavior.

Steam | | GameJolt | Play Store

2020.01.28 - Tue 14:00

The collector

web | mouse | javascript, pixijs

The collector icon

Small idle-like game. The game was completed in about 7 days in order to practise my javascript and pixijs skills.

2018.01.28 - Sun 14:00


linux | keyboard | C++, OpenGL

Dargite3d icon

Pong clone. Pick from 12 available characters, and some available stages. Moddable enough to allow adding new characters, and new stages.

notabug | aur

2016.03.16 - Wed 14:00

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